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Mural Design through the Non-Profit The Neighborhood Curbside Canvas Project, at the Square Diner  in Tribeca, NYC. Approximately 15'x3' two sides of the outdoor dining space.  

October 2020


Mural design, and details; at an elementary school in the Bronx, NY

MLK Day 2020


A large 6'X5' weaving made from sticks, garbage found during the park clean up, and bought twine. Made in collaboration with a past art professor of mine, Corey Hagelberg, under the Calumet Artist Residency. Those who walked by in the park were welcomed to join in the making of the weaving.

Left with a statement, and permission by the Gary, IN mayor.

Borman Square Park, Gary, IN summer 2019

IMG-1780 (1).jpg
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