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Statement of my overarching bodies of work

 My work examines the connection between self-identity, the Home, and childhood exploration. Through my art, the viewers have the opportunity to investigate their own self-identity and memory through childhood experiences. This opportunity is given through viewing my paintings of my childhood domestic spaces, and places. Also through familiarity in connections to memory objects, colors, and textures that an individual may have experienced in their upbringing. The viewers can explore the places, spaces and objects in my work, and see for themselves through their own familiarity within their own self-identification on how time in their home, environments, and experiences has made for their being and who they are. They may not have these exact commonalities as me, however I am inviting the viewers to a part of my childhood  past  of domestic environments, and imagination that I explored or experienced; where they are welcomed to have a self-evaluation of who they are, and remember what affected them in their lives to come to a greater understanding of self.


     The series of work is currently being translated from domestic spaces and places, to now connecting more on a focus of the part of childhood through adolescence that discusses play, imagination, exploration, and being a child and teen from the mid to later 2000’s. This being domestic spaces and places being a part of my experience, the elephant-like creatures being a place hold body of the child, and to represent a child’s unique individuality. This also includes material, colors, and symbols being that of a child’s imagination, and teenage interests’, and subcultures I and friends were a part of.

I am currently working with various bodies of work, each focusing on different subject matter. The work is in a transitional period between semi-realism figurative paintings of the Home and childhood past, to expressive and playful matters of experiments and visual discussion representing both teen subculture, representation of student-body, and observation of landscape and portraiture with tumid puffy paint and mixed media. I am also newly invested in studying and producing short-clips around emotion, lighting, and texture. “Adolescence, observation, environment, play, imagination, community, and exploration” are common words found to describe the themes of my artwork.

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